Recommended Vaccines

Tetanus-Diphtheria (Td)
Once every 10 years


The Swiss made oral form is self administered every 3 years. The injectible form is also available. Neither vaccines are effective against paratyphoid fever which is an emerging problem in Asia.
Hepatitis B vaccine

Series of 3 vaccinations at day 0,1-2 months, and after 4-6 months. Efficacy is long lasting. A few days different in the schedule do not matter.
Hepatitis A vaccine

Recommended for all extensive travelers to Asia, Africa and South America. It consists of 2 vaccine doses 6 months apart. Efficacy is long lasting.
Japanese encephalitis vaccine

For individuals who will travel extensively or live in rural Asia. It is given in three injections on days 0, 7-14 and days 28-30. Efficacy is only 3 years for the currently used mouse brain products.

Polio vaccine

You should have a booster if you did not have any vaccine within 10 years and if you are going to travel extensively in Africa, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Burma, Pakistan, Russia and former USSR countries. Polio is being controlled by mass vaccination of children in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The oral form should not be given to immune compromised subjects.

Rabies pre-exposure series

If you are going to spend much time walking about in Asian countries (or Africa or Parts of South America) consider having the 3 injection rabies pre-exposure series (day 0, 7-14 and 28). The vaccine is very long lasting and you would only need a booster if bitten by a rabid dog.

Not recommended

Meningococcal vaccine
Recommended for extensive travel to Africa, Nepal and Northern India or Pakistan. Required for pilgrims to Moslem holy shrines in Saudi Arabia. It consists of one injection only. Many colleges in North America, Canada and Europe may require the vaccination for students.

Recommended particularly for the elderly (over 60 years) and for individuals with chronic diseases. It consists of one injection every year.


Same recommendations as for Influenza vaccine but only one injection is given. Indications are the same as for influenza vaccination.

Measles (Rubeola)
Mumps (Pertussis)
German measles (rubella)
Yellow fever
Oral polio