Toronto Travel Vaccine Clinic

We are staffed by a nurse-practitioner who has received special training in International Travel Medicine. She is supported by six consultants who are specialists in infectious diseases ad occupational medicine. The clinic is registered with the International Society for Travel Medicine. It is online to data bases of the International Society for Travel Medicine, Shoreland International, the US Communicable Disease Centers, and the “PROMED” computer based network for emerging diseases. These can provide instant and constantly updated information on epidemiology, public health regulations, preventive measures and even personal security problems in virtually every country. This information can be provided to travelers intending to visit a certain country or countries and requirements for immunizations and preventive medications are also readily available.

Our Services:

  • Pre and Post travel counseling.
  • Pre and Post travelling checkups
  • Follow up visits for regular clients
  • Vaccination and certification
  • Malaria prophylaxis and prevention
  • Information center for tropical diseases
  • On site vaccination


Monday – Saturday from : 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
Sunday from : 8:00 am – 12:00 am


Do’s & don’ts when donating to charity

When you make a charitable donation you like to think it is going to a great cause whether it be helping hungry children, the blind, deaf, or anyone with a serious, life-threatening illness. However, sometimes things do not go as planned and the donation that you made in good faith could end up in the wrong hands or not used as intended. Following the tips below will assist you in making a charitable donation that is effective and helpful and they will also help you avoid common traps that people fall into when giving to children’s charities.

4 Recent Technological Trends in Physiotherapy Services

For a long time physiotherapy has been known to be instrumental in the treatment and recovery of most conditions. According to research, it has been highly effective in boosting the patient’s self-esteem and increasing the patient’s recovery rate. In addition, it has been a great influence in prevention of further injury. As technological innovations in different fields emerge, the physiotherapy Newmarket services industry has not been left out, especially in the introduction of advanced equipment that continues to contribute greatly to its growth.

5 Tips to Escape Undergoing Back Surgery

Nobody likes surgeries, especially when they involve a complex structure such as the spine. While some conditions respond best to surgical operations, they can be avoided by following a preventive care routine. Always follow the advice given by your chiropractor Newmarket with regards to the particular condition. If you do not want to avoid having a spine surgery, these tips will come in handy.

Cultivating Positive Mental Health in a Retrement Home

Choosing among retirement residences as a living arrangement can be a very difficult decision for a family to make. An elderly individual, or couple, along with their adult children, will have to together arrive at a decision that allows not only their basic day-to-day activities taken care of, but also their emotional and social well-being as well. The challenges facing an elderly person who enter into Sienna Living retirement homes are fairly universal. There are a variety of considerations that uniquely address the mental health predicaments of the elderly that are essential to take into account.

Services Offered At a Hearing Clinic

If your physician asks you to visit a hearing clinic, you might be wondering if it is necessary. Today, many hearing clinics offer many services that you would not find in a general doctor’s office. The primary reason for visiting a hearing clinic is if you have either full or partial hearing loss. When you get to the clinic, an audiologist will attend to you. An audiologist is a doctor who has distinctive training on treatment of hearing problems.

How Good Oral Care Improves Overall Health

Seeing a dentist every year to check on your oral health is just as important as your yearly check up to the doctor. Having healthy white teeth and a clean tongue are not only important for aesthetic reasons but for your overall health too. Taking care of your oral health will improve your overall health because the two are connected and influence each other.

Caring for a Tooth After Getting Filling Services

Fillings are devices that dentists put in the teeth to prevent a cavity from spreading. Many dentists put fillings in their customers’ mouths as a first line of defense so that they can avoid fates such as extractions or the need to obtain a root canal. If you have a filling from the dentist Ottawa, you will need to take the utmost level of care of it. Taking care of your mouth can help you to avoid spending additional monies because you have harmed the filling. The following are some tips for taking care of the teeth and keeping your filling in good condition:

3 Expenses That Influence Your Cost To Attend Caribbean Medical School

Earning your degree at a Caribbean medical university can be a dream come true. Many people have the desire to study in a foreign location, and a tropical island paradise is among the most scenic locations to do so. You may want to learn about a new culture, explore a new area and more while also studying to become a doctor. While there are several dozen Caribbean medical schools that you can apply to attend, deciding where to apply requires proper attention to a few critical factors. While reviewing medical school requirements is an important step to take when making your decision, your finances should also be considered during the decision-making process. Three key factors heavily impact your cost to attend Caribbean medical schools, and focusing your attention in these areas can help you to make an affordable decision.

How a Sleep Clinic can help Overcome the Snoring Problem

The reason why people snore is the fact that airflow is compromised. In retrospect, the level of oxygen in the blood begins to drop. The low oxygen levels affect your brain. When the brain loses the oxygen, it is unable to regulate the breathing process while you sleep clinic and the result is that the snoring problem escalates. You might also experience a choking sensation that can affect how you breathe. The following are some of the various ways of tackling the problem:

The Trending Vaporizer Technology

With vaporizers technology, people no longer have to roll a joint like the old days. With a vape, you can vaporize the active ingredients in your herbs. After the vaporizer vaporizes your plant, the active ingredients are then deposited in a dedicated chamber. You can then inhale the form through the pipe connected to that chamber.

What’s New With Dental Implants

Dental implants Toronto have advanced a great deal since the 1950s, when titanium was found to be an excellent material for the posts that anchor prosthetic teeth. Prosthodontists found out quickly that the more the post is shaped like the root of an actual tooth, the quicker the bone integrates into it. Before, the posts were straight. They were also smooth, which was another characteristic that made the bone integrating into the post a long and painful process. Prosthodontists also learned that bone is much more amenable to osseointegrating into rough surfaces. Now, posts have threads like screws. Some of them are even honeycombed, which allows the bone to grow into the lacunae in the post.

Most Popular Tourist Cities To Visit In India

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, India is an incredible place to explore to view beautiful architecture and the stunning landscapes on India Tours. Those who visit the country will likely want to see the Himalayan peaks or the coastline for stunning places to photograph, which are often included in vacation packages. When you’re planning a trip to the destination, there are a few cities to include in your itinerary.

How The Right Car Rental Can Simplify Your Life

When transportation needs exceed your resources, it is often best to reach out to a reputable car rental company. This is a the best place to get a mini-van, truck, car or ute at a very nominal cost. Rather than crowding extra passengers into a vehicle that is simply too small to fit your needs, you can select an option that is perfectly suited to your circumstances. People everywhere are turning to these services when hosting guests and taking family holidays. They can also rely on car rental companies when needing alternative transportation while their own vehicles are being repaired.

Why You Should go to a Travel Clinic Before Traveling

As you prepare to embark on your next trip, you have a long list of responsibilities to take care of before your departure. As you check off your itinerary, make your arrangements for lodging, and choose your mode of transportation, don’t forget to make an appointment at a travel clinic Toronto. Walk-in clinics are available as well. Regardless of which type of clinic you choose, make it a priority to protect your health before you venture on your travels.


Be Prepared for the Journey Ahead

Travel clinics focus on ensuring that you are prepared for your upcoming travels, particularly when it comes to vaccinations. Travel vaccines are required for various regions of the world. Staff members at the clinic will be able to identify any vaccines that are necessary. Some of the most common travel vaccines include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, E. Coli, Rabies, and Shingles. Make sure that you discuss potential risks that are involved with your destination and accept any vaccine that is recommended for your personal safety. The last thing you want is to become terribly ill while you are on vacation. You don’t want to take the risk of infecting anyone else either. In some cases, your illness could be life-threatening or place you in quarantine. A stop in a travel clinic is a simple way to prevent disaster. As a general rule of thumb, plan on visiting a clinic at least a month before your departure.


Make Sure You are Fit for Your Travels

In addition to receiving any necessary travel vaccines, a travel physician will perform an evaluation to ensure you are well enough to embark on a journey. If there is any doubt about the state of your health, you should consider postponing your trip until you are well enough to undertake the strains that are involved in traveling. Traveling abroad can be stressful and result in fatigue. If you have any type of illness, you could find yourself in bed instead of enjoying your excursion. Worse yet, you could infect others due to your negligence. Listen to your travel doctor’s recommendations.


Discuss Underlying Health Conditions and any Concerns

If you have an underlying condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, discuss your medical history with your travel physician. Ask for advice on how you can deal with any potential problems that may arise during your trip. Your travel physician can point you in the right direction by providing you with the proper resources and prescriptions before it is time for you to go abroad.


Finding a Clinic Near You

Finding a clinic is easy with the wonders of the Internet. Social media can keep you connected once you locate a clinic in your area. Whether you enjoy interacting on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll find that your mobile device can lead the way to a clinic that is equipped with the latest in technology. Once you’ve paid a visit to a travel physician, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have received all necessary vaccines and medical care before your journey.

Simple Vacation Tips For Anyone

We take vacations to relax and get away for awhile to leave all the stressors of life behind. Travelling should be fun, and by following these simple vacation safety tips you reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime. Tourists always stick out and make for tempting targets for thieves looking for easy prey. While on vacation all it takes is a moment of distraction for a thief to steal your valuables, especially when carrying lots of luggage, money and other important items. Rather than looking like a tourist, make sure you blend in with the crowd. Only take items that are necessary, avoiding all expensive jewellery and fancy designer luggage if possible. These items draw unneeded attention and only make you a bigger target. Be inconspicuous yourself and all the items you pack should be in regular bags. At your hotel you should know the layout such as where all the exits are, the fire alarm and where the fire extinguisher is in relation to your room. Make sure your hotel door is locked at all times and never answer the door to strangers. Store all valuables in the hotel safe. Speak with hotel staff for recommendations on safe places to travel and where to go to eat. If you are travelling internationally you will need a current passport that is valid, this also includes Mexico and Canada. If your passport is not current or valid you will need to check out the U.S. State Department’s Web site to apply or renew your passport. Register with the U.S. State Department to make it simpler for the U.S. government to help should you find yourself in an emergency situation. Research local laws and customs to become familiar with all the basics. Contact your current insurance agency to seek if it is valid where you’re going. A medical emergency can be very costly overseas, especially if you don’t have insurance. Also, you may need a special international drivers permit if you plan on having a car. Keep maps in your car and a GPS to help you safely navigate the local area. Never drink and drive! Keep your drivers licence and other identification on you at all times. Make sure you leave your itinerary with a trusted person before going on vacation in case they need to get a hold of you. These important vacation safety tips are valuable advice that everyone should follow.

A Travel Checklist: The Basics

I love to travel and I travel by means of automobile, ship, train, and airplane. I travel for both for business and pleasure and I would like to share a very important travel tip for anyone who is about to visit another city or country. This travel tip will help you to have a great time while you are traveling. It is an awesome tip because it will prevent you from becoming frustrated during your entire trip. What is this travel tip? The travel tip is quite simple. It is the important necessity of making a travel checklist well in advance of your next opportunity to travel. This may seem like an obvious thing to do but you would be amazed at how many people do not make a travel checklist before traveling. The people who do not make this type of checklist are the same people who become frustrated during their entire time while traveling because they have forgotten to bring along something from home that was very important. Obviously, it is important to bring along any medication that you require because in certain countries it may be very difficult to obtain this medication. However, what if it was something as simple as your favorite pair of walking shoes. You would have to purchase another pair of walking shoes in whatever destination you arrived. Unfortunately, you would not be able to purchase a pair walking shoes that were as comfortable as the ones that you have and use on a regular basis. This would be very frustrating especially if your vacation or trip entailed a lot of walking. For example, let’s say that you are taking a two-week vacation to Europe to visit 10 different countries. In each of these countries you had planned to become a typical tourist and visit all of the various sightseeing attractions. This would require hours upon hours of walking as you enjoyed the culture and scenery of the country that you are in. Without your favorite walking shoes you would be cursing every step of the way. Do not let this type of situation ruin your vacation. It is completely avoidable by simply making a checklist on your computer and then printing it on the day that you decide to travel. As you pack each item you can cross the item off of the checklist. This will help you to know which items are left to pack. It is as simple as that.